Cozy Self-Care Ideas for Fall Evenings

Cozy Self-Care Ideas for Fall Evenings.jpg

It’s the last Friday in October and I’m basking in all the fall vibes as the weather starts to cool down in Wilmington.

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Make Your Move Easier With These 19 Tips!

easy move tips

There is no experience quite like packing up all of your belongings and moving to new place. I moved from New York to Wilmington, North Carolina this past Monday and making it all happen was not an easy task. It’s an exhausting experience to say the least.

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9 Acts of Self-Care to Try in Your Dorm Room

self care dorm room

Student life can be really challenging. College students juggle multiple classes, extracurricular activities, and internships all while attempting to have a social life.

It can be particularly tough on first-year students who are testing out the collegiate experience away from home for the first time. Having that kind independence can be overwhelming to say the least.

That’s why it is essential to practice acts of self-care from the first day of class through finals week.

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Self-Care for the Five Senses

Self-Care Five Senses

My first therapist taught me to use mindfulness in the face of anxiety. This basically entails using my five senses to ground myself wherever I am.

I ask myself, “What do I hear, smell, touch, taste, and see right now in my immediate environment?” and go on to list everything I can observe.

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5 Tips for Adults Living with their Parents

5 Tips for Adults Living with their Parents

Let’s face it: living with your parents once you’ve already experienced independent living can be tough. It’s easy to feel like you’re taking a step back when you’re sleeping in your childhood room again.

It’s important to remember, though, that plenty of adults presently live with their parents. 15% of 25- to 35-year-old Millennials were living in their parents’ home as of 2016, and that figure continues to rise. Moving home can be a smart money-move if you’re trying to save for a downpayment on a house or pay off college debt.

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