Keep the Summer Vibes Going with these 10 Tips!

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Have you ever noticed how early your favorite stores switch-over to selling fall products? It’s typical to see Halloween candy on shelves in August and sweaters on racks by September and I find that to be slightly depressing. What’s the rush? Let summer live!

Of course I love some aspects of autumn, but I wish I could float down a lazy river of warm summer vibes all the time. There’s something about summertime that’s just so rejuvenating. Someone take me to the nearest beach ASAP – the pumpkin spice lattes won’t find me there.

If you’re a summer person like me, here are ten ways to stretch your favorite season and keep the beachy vibes going all year long.

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1. Smell like the beach. Who doesn’t like that salty smell you can only find on a coastline? Check out this Life is Swell Body Bundle by Scentsy to add sandy scents to your household without actually having to deal with cleaning up sand. It includes lotion and hand soap with a marine water, mandarin, and driftwood scent. Want something more fruity but equally as summery? The Beach Daisy Body Bundle should do the trick.

scentsy life is swell bundle

2. Include touches of rattan and bamboo in your decor. These straw-like summer textures can instantly add an island vibe to your place. Try a rattan waste basket, bamboo shower mat, or rattan patio lights as accent pieces or get some rattan patio furniture – just steer clear of tiki torches.

3. Get a tattoo that reminds you of summer. Whether it’s a minimalistic wave design on your ankle, a pineapple on your thigh, or a vintage-inspired pin-up sailor on your sleeve, a summer-themed tattoo is a great way to showcase your love for your favorite season. Find a local tattoo artist you like, talk through your ideas with them, and get inking!

4. Add a nautical accessory. Who doesn’t like a fun statement piece that makes you feel like a mermaid? Try a seashell cross-body purse (in sparkly white or gold) or a wave necklace to add some beachy vibes to your outfit. Want an accessory that doesn’t explicitly have beach vibes? Keep a pair of sunglasses, the quintessential summer accessory, on you at all times. They’re worn most often during the summer months, but I am here for wearing them in every season.

5. Maintain your tan without damaging your skin. If you dislike how pale you get in the winter months, consider using a self-tanner, like Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer. It’s far less damaging than subjecting unprotected skin to the sun or a tanning bed and you’ll avoid walking out of a spray-tan booth looking like a cheeto because the color is more gradual. It will also moisturize in the process, fighting against the drying effects that colder temperatures cause.

6. Add summer smells to your laundry. Sure, you might have to wear long johns in the winter, but at least they’ll smell like you’re sitting poolside with cucumbers on your eyelids thanks to these amazing laundry products. Scentsy carries detergent in plenty of summer scents, including Coconut Lemongrass, Ocean, Sea Salt & Avocado, and Aloe Water & Cucumber. You can even create your own laundry bundle that includes their washer whiffs and dryer disks.

7. Throw a summer party whenever you feel like it. Christmas in July is a regular thing, so why not host an indoor pool-themed party in the dead of winter? Decorate with this flamingo and pineapple party banner, serve some fruity cocktails and summer snacks like ice pops, and provide favors like this pack of beach balls and sunglasses for a fun touch. You don’t have to have indoor sand like some fraternity parties have, but you could.

8. Stick with cold brew. Some people think iced coffee is only meant for warmer seasons. I am not one of those people. I drink black iced coffee all year long and I’m sure other summer-loving folks do the same thing. Join the club by making your own with this cold brew maker. Simply add coffee to the mesh screen and let the magic happen in your fridge for a day or so. It’ll be a heck of a lot cheaper to make your own cold brew than to regularly go to Starbucks.

9. Watch and listen to some summer-themed entertainment. There are so many films that scream summer! Try watching Dirty Dancing, Jaws, or Wet Hot American Summer and you’ll feel like you’re at a Catskills resort, Amity Island, or summer camp in no time. More of a TV junkie? Watch summer-themed episodes of your favorite old television shows like Friends, Saved By the Bell, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Turn up the summer jams too! This can include more recent pop hits like “Cool for the Summer” and “Havana” or vintage tracks by the Beach Boys and Elvis Presley. Try a free 30-day trial of Amazon Music Unlimited or of Amazon Prime to access thousands of movies and television shows.

10. Move somewhere with a warmer climate and/or beaches. If you struggle with seasonal depression in colder winter months, crave the beach regularly, or just prefer warmer temperatures, consider looking for a town that matches your personal preferences. The thought of braving another New York winter this year was dreadful, so I decided to make a major life change and try out warmer living. I’m moving to Wilmington, North Carolina this fall, and I couldn’t be more excited to have a shorter winter and live so close to the beach! Moving is obviously a huge deal and expense, but if you truly believe living in a more summery place would be better for you, do some research and consider it!


Those were ten tips to keep the summer vibes strong at any time of year. Did you try one of our suggested products? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Candid Kelly

    Waaaaaah! I’ve been LONGING for that cross-body seashell purse, have you seen the LOBSTER one?! It’s stolen my heart. Maybe fighting off the impending winter blues would be a good excuse to buy one!

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