13 Reasons to Relocate

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Are you considering a move in the near or distant future?

I know first-hand how difficult that decision can be. I considered the pros and cons of relocating for months before I took any concrete steps. In a few short weeks, I’ll be moving to an apartment in Wilmington, North Carolina (pending on storm clean-up, of course) from NYC.

While there are certainly reasons to stay put, there are plenty of valid reasons to relocate. Of course moving is an expensive hassle, particularly if your new home will be in a new state or country, but the expense can be worth it if the change will benefit the wellbeing of you and your family.

Consider these thirteen reasons to relocate if you’re on the fence:

  1. The size of your current home doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Whether your family is growing or you’re trying to downsize as you near retirement, a new space may be necessary to accommodate your needs.
  2. Educational opportunities. A university in a different state offered you the most financial aid to complete your degree or another town might have a better school district for your kids. Prioritizing education may push you to move.
  3. New job opportunity elsewhere. Maybe your current employer offered you a raise if you move to another city or there’s a better market for your profession somewhere else. Jobs are a very common reason to relocate.
  4. There’s an issue with your commute. Too long, too stressful, too expensive… Your commute is sucking the joy out of a job you love. Perhaps it’s time to move closer to the office.
  5. Financial reasons. The taxes in your area have risen and you’re having a harder time making ends meet or your budget would allow for a bigger house in another state. Budget cuts or increases can certainly impact where you should live. Many moves are about money.
  6. Property damage. The mold keeps popping up, the infestation is overwhelming, and you fear a flood whenever you see rain clouds. While plenty of home issues can be fixed, some just aren’t worth the trouble. Be sure to carefully inspect your next home to avoid the same problems.
  7. Neighbors. If the guy upstairs won’t stop blasting music at midnight and your landlord doesn’t care, it might be time to throw in the towel and find a new apartment. On the flip side, your kids might benefit from living in a neighborhood full of kids their age. Change your neighbor situation.
  8. Somewhere else suits your personality more. Some cities are better suited for nature lovers, beach dwellers, art conosures, wine tasters, or dog people than others. Finding a place with more opportunities related to your interests can change the quality of your life.
  9. Safety first. Your house was broken into or cars don’t drive slowly enough on a street where your kids play, so you desire to live somewhere that is statistically safer.
  10. Climate. You hate snow, prefer humid air, like seasonal changes, etc. Climate pushes a lot of folks to move. I’m purposefully moving to a state with a milder winter. This is particularly important for people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Moving somewhere with more suitable weather for your mental health can have a huge impact on your wellbeing.
  11. All types of relationships. Moving in with your significant other, moving away from that one weird cousin, moving down the street from your college roommate, moving out of your parents’ basement… Relationships are the root of many moves.
  12. You have bad memories tied to your current space. A home should be filled with happy times but tragic, unfortunate, and messed up events do happen in homes as well. Trauma is a valid reason to move.
  13. Change of scene. If you’ve only lived in the same place for your whole life and don’t love it, it may be time to try a new location. The world is your oyster.


Why did you decide to relocate to a new house, city, state, or country? Share your reasons in the comments below!

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