15 Tips to Increase Your Step Count

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Plenty of factors informed my decision to leave New York City, but I will miss a few things about it. I’m saddest about the fact that I’ll no longer be living in such a walkable place.

In Manhattan, you can truly walk anywhere and everywhere, and I took advantage of that while I lived there. The sidewalks are plentiful (albeit overcrowded at times) and the paths in Central Park are delightful. Even just walking to and from subway stations on a commute add up.

As I prepare for my move to the south, I’m trying to consider the lifestyle adjustments I’ll have to make in Wilmington. I’ll primarily have to drive to get around, so my step count would generally be lower than the amount of walking I had to do without a car.

How can I increase my step count in my new suburban setting? Below are some tips and tricks I plan on trying when I move down in October. Maybe these ideas can help you reach your daily step count goal too!

  1. Give yourself some walking distance when parking your car. Park at the back of the lot or a few blocks away from wherever you have to go. The farther away, the more steps you’ll conquer.
  2. Take the stairs whenever possible. Walk up escalators if you have the option to.
  3. Walk up and down every aisle at the grocery store. I particularly suggest doing this if the weather isn’t ideal for walking outdoors.
  4. Skip drive-thrus. Walk in the place and order. Drive-thrus seem to be overcrowded these days anyway, so you may even get your coffee or fries more quickly if you order in the restaurant.
  5. Go on more (and longer) walks with your dog. Not only will you get more steps, your furry friend will appreciate the extra exercise as well (depending on your specific pooch, of course.)
  6. Truly browse while shopping. You don’t have to buy anything you don’t want or need, but taking a few extra minutes to look around the whole store will increase your step count.
  7. Take quick strolls on work breaks. Eat your lunch and then spend the rest of your break
  8. Wear sneakers more often. You’ll be more inclined to take a walk if you’re already wearing comfortable shoes.
  9. Find a friend to walk with. Keep walking with that friend on a regular basis.
  10. Walk and do something else simultaneously. Make a phone call, brainstorm, or listen to your favorite podcast while walking. Just be careful about multitasking in a dangerous situations (I.E. while you cross a street.)
  11. Don’t drive to different stores in the same shopping center. Park your car in a central location and walk from store to store. If you purchased something heavy, drop it off in your trunk and walk to your next store from there.
  12. Stand up when commercials start. Walk around your living space for a few minutes and resume watching TV when your show comes back on.
  13. Involve walking on your date. Roaming with a partner can be a great way to spend quality time together.
  14. Volunteer or participate in a charity event that involves walking. Make your steps count.
  15. Discover new places. Take a walk as a way to explore a new park, trail, or part of town that you haven’t been to before. Let your curiosity lead the way.


Which tip are you most likely to try out? Let us know in the comments.

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