Cozy Self-Care Ideas for Fall Evenings

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It’s the last Friday in October and I’m basking in all the fall vibes as the weather starts to cool down in Wilmington.

Fall is a time of change, and I’ve been feeling that for the last two weeks since I moved. Settling into North Carolina life, putting together my apartment, and catching up with my family here has kept me busy. I’m living alone for the first time and that comes with new responsibilities and stressors. It’s been hectic!

I’m in need of some true rest and relaxation this weekend. Thankfully, chilly fall evenings are the perfect time to indulge in some self-care. Read on for some cozy activities that I’ll be enjoying tonight and for the remainder of the season:

  1. Meditate in a warm and cozy space. Use as many blankets, pillows, sweaters, and fluffy socks as you please.
  2. Add a salt rock lamp to your space and bask in the warm, amber glow
  3. Watch your favorite Halloween movies and TV specials, particularly ones from your childhood that you haven’t seen in a while.
  4. Try a Pumpkin Puree Mud Mask by Farmhouse Fresh to soften and treat your skin as the temperatures drop
  5. Dedicate some time to crafting in a comfy atmosphere. Knit in your bed or draw while snuggling on your armchair.
  6. Invest in a weighted blanket and enjoy some quality, deep sleep. These are especially great if you enjoy cuddling but don’t have a cuddle buddy, and they can be helpful for those with anxiety
  7. Bake a mug cup recipe for yourself. Check out some easy recipes here.
  8. Layer up and have a bonfire before it gets too cold to do so. Enjoy the warmth and reflect as you look at the flames.
  9. Carve a pumpkin with a design that makes you happy.
  10. Read or listen to a book for a few hours before bedtime instead of scrolling on your phone. Try a 30-Day Free Trial with Audible and get two audiobooks.
  11. Bundle up and go for a walk at dusk.
  12. Blast some of your favorite spooky tunes like “Grim Grinning Ghosts” and “Black Magic Woman” and dance around the house while doing laundry or other chores.
  13. Make yourself a cup of tea that tastes like autumn. Check out this assortment of six flavors by Stash, including cinnamon vanilla and cranberry pomegranate.
  14. Warm up with a bath before bedtime. Try out the Jammy Time Bath Bomb by Scentsy and enjoy the relaxing scents of freesia and lavender.
  15. Go to the movie theatre and wear a big scarf you can cuddle up in.


Looking for more fall self-care ideas? Check out this article we published earlier this month.

9 thoughts on “Cozy Self-Care Ideas for Fall Evenings

  1. Janie

    I was filled with a warm glow reading this. It made me feel cosy, snuggly and safe. Thankyou for this awesome blog and wonderful suggestions. I will be checking out the pumpkin purée face mask ❤️

  2. Jennie Braisher

    Probably my favourite season Autumn, love some of the ideas above. Especially the face mask idea! I’ll keep that one in mind. Great post

  3. Checka Grantham

    Definitely going to try some of these!! Nothing beats a nice warm bath and then getting into cozy blankets 😍

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