Sick of Getting Sick? Try Counter Attack!

Everyone seems to get sick in the winter. Many of my friends, family, and cast members in the show I’m in have colds, strep throat, or the flu. Catching some infection seems almost seems unavoidable.

In November, I got hit with a nasty sinus infection that lasted well into December. It was a month-long, miserable experience that made me decide to do whatever I could to prevent it from happening again this season. My role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was particularly vocally demanding, so staying healthy for the duration of rehearsals and performances proved to be essential.

Shortly after we started rehearsing, I was introduced to Counter Attack by Rainbow Light by a fellow cast member and my stage manager. Shannon and Stacie enthusiastically told me that taking it daily would boost my immune system and reduce my chance of getting sick.

I was definitely doubtful it would work, simply because other immune boosters haven’t worked for me in the past. I was also a little turned off by the price (a box of thirty tablets costs $15.45 on Amazon,) but reading more positive reviews online encouraged me to purchase it.

For the month of January, I took two tablets per day. The tablets taste a bit citrusy and can stain your hands if you hold them too long. They also turned my pee bright yellow, but I did not notice any other side effects from taking them.

I managed to not get sick for the entire month of January, despite working beside multiple people in my cast who were sick. Little kids in my show were hugging me regularly, and I did not get sick! This stuff was really working for me.

When February came and my rehearsals intensified, I started to come down with a bit of a cold. I wasn’t feeling as bad as I could be, but it definitely made me nervous, particularly because strep throat and the flu were spreading like wildfire in my show. One of my dance partners got the flu, and I had failed to get a shot this year so there was a definite chance that I could catch it. I decided to see if Counter Attack could help me feel better fast and keep my defense against scarier sicknesses.

As per the instructions on the box, I upped my dosage to eight tablets per day (the maximum amount to be taken) for concentrated use. I took them with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at bedtime.

I’m thrilled to report that my stuffy nose completely disappeared within a week and did not develop into anything worse! It was the shortest duration of sickness I’ve ever had, and my symptoms remained minimal. I went into tech week and performances with only a bit gunk on my vocal chords and feeling generally well – what a relief! By my second weekend of shows, I was in the clear.

I highly recommend taking Counter Attack to boost your immune system. While I did get a tiny cold (which seemed inevitable since my whole cast was sick), it helped me get rid of it quickly before it developed into a more serious infection and I did manage to avoid strep and the flu. The price tag proved to be worth it because it actually worked.

Counter Attack is currently sold out on Rainbow Light’s website, but it is available on Amazon! Thirty tablets cost $15.45 and ninety cost $29.39.

Have you tried out Counter Attack or any other immune boosters? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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