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Hi there, folks! My name is Georgie Simon and I’m striving to celebrate self-care in every season.

I’m a 25 year-old Leo Sun/Pisces Moon and a lover of the sweet and salty things in life. I dabble in administration and management and tend to be logged into nine different Google accounts at once. I proudly identify as queer. I like walking, writing, traveling, music, drag, fashion, cooking, theatre, film, reading, trying new things, and being a dog-mom to a pup named Stella. I was raised in New York and now live in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Why am I writing about self-care? Well, it all started from a place of true need. My world was changed in March 2018 when my ex-fiancé cancelled our September wedding. We broke up and all of my future plans were scrapped. As someone who is a bit of a planner, this event shook me up and truly altered my life.

The days, weeks, months that followed were challenging. I felt lost, but I quickly remembered that I alone have the power to heal and move forward. I have to be my own best friend and trust my inner voice. I particularly realized this while traveling to Paris a few days after the break-up happened.

Enter Self-Care Season. I started this blog in May 2018 to discover and write about various ways to practice self-care and celebrate living independently. I found a way to express my inner voice. Writing publicly is a vulnerable, therapeutic act, so putting together blog posts for this site is a self-care ritual for me. I’m also encouraged by the idea that my journey could help someone else in need.

Self-care is physical, mental, and spiritual. It is highly individual. All of the opinions stated on these blog are solely my own.

Please note that any of my tips are suggestions and not professional, legal, or medical help. If you are struggling with mental health, trauma, abuse, or any other difficult situation,  I strongly encourage you to seek help. Check out this post about finding a therapist for the first time and  check out this page for some mental health resources. Reaching out for help can feel scary, but it is one of the most important acts of self-love you can do. 

Thanks for stopping to learn a little bit more about the origin of selfcareseason.com! You can learn more about me on my personal site.

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